Some might say this is the best time of year! Weekends are filled with football, family, friends and fantastic foods! Whether you’re a sports fan or just enjoy the party, we want to make your game-day celebrations something to remember. Let us help you host the ultimate at-home tailgate! Follow our

T-E-A-M suggestions to make your game-day party an event to remember.

T- Tradition

With busy lives and hectic schedules, attending every game can be tough. Ditch the stress of organizing a group event at the stadium and bring the game to your place! Make your event memorable by incorporating all your favorite game-day traditions from the comfort of your home.

When organizing this fun day, you’ll want to start with determining  your guest count. This will help you plan for a small or large get-together. The next step is to spread the word! Pick up the phone to call, text, or email your friends and family with the date and time the fun will begin.

E- Entertainment

You want to keep the game-day atmosphere alive, so grab the corn hole, ladder toss, and horseshoes. Set up these activities in the driveway or backyard to keep your guests entertained until the game begins.

We all know the TV will be the center of attention once the game kicks off. The most important part of an at-home tailgate is a front-row view of the game. Make sure you have enough seating for each of your guests, whether you’re hosting it inside or out.

A- Atmosphere

No need to get fancy, it’s a tailgate after all. Create a simple game-day atmosphere with festive paper plates and plastic forks (these are also great for an easy cleanup!). If you want to add a little pizzazz, set up a canopy tent in the yard, toss some colored runners on the tables, and place some football-themed accents around the area. Your friends and family will be sporting their team colors that will bring it all together!

M- Menu

Grab the charcoal and light up 09_Post-1_SW_Tailgating_Photo_1the grill! Luckily, since you’re at home, there are no limits to your menu. Toss on some pineapple to serve up Grilled Honey Lime Pineapple Skewers, as a tasty appetizer. For part of the entrée, your guests will love Chipotle Honey Chicken Skewers.

Want to avoid the grill? We suggest whipping up simple items like Party Sliders and Pretzel-Crusted Dogs, feel free to tailor your menu to team favorites. Save time by prepping some of the food the night before. You can even whip up some fun football-themed foods!


Want more game-day winning ideas? Check out our Pinterest board for some inspiration!

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