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If you don’t know what to do with your guests once the turkey is carved, the gravy is poured and the meal is enjoyed, this post is perfect for you! If you have a pair of our Publix Pilgrim salt and pepper shakers adorning your table, you’re all set for a night of fun and laughter. Don’t have the Publix Pilgrim shakers? Don’t worry, any shaker works if you just use a little imagination.  So gather the family around the table and give these games a try.

Thankful Pilgrim

This game is all about giving thanks and not forgetting what others are thankful for, too.

  • Set up:11_21_Post 1_CH_ PilgrimGame_Image 2

It’s simple! Have your guests remain seated around the dinner table. Have the person Mr. Pilgrim is looking directly at grab the shaker.  Once the shaker is in the first player’s hand, the game begins!

  • How to Play:

The first player will say something out loud that they are thankful for this year and pass the pilgrim to their right. The following player also will say something they are thankful for and pass Mr. Pilgrim to their right ― continue passing the shaker around the table. What’s the catch? Players cannot repeat what others have given thanks for or what they themselves have already said! If a player repeats a phrase that has been used already, they are automatically eliminated ― so be sure to pay attention. Keep playing until you find the most thankful of them all!

  • Tip:

If you are looking to reward your players, the first slice of the pumpkin pie seems like a worthy prize!

Draw to Collect

This game requires a minimum of 4 players. Each team will consist of two players, a drawer and a guesser.

  • Set up:
  1. Print the word cloud shown below* and cut each word into a rectangle. Fold the words and place them in a bowl on the table with the players.
  2. The teams must sit across from each other. Have all the drawers sit on one side and all the guessers on the other.
  3. Set one pilgrim shaker in between each team, half way in the middle of the table. (The more shakers you have, the more teams can play!)
  4. Give each drawer a pen/pencil and lots of blank paper. Give the guessers a pen/pencil.
  • How to play:

The game consists of rounds. Each round will involve the following actions:

  1. Someone from the drawers side picks out a word from the bowl.
  2. Pass the word to all the drawers. Do not let any guessers peak.
  3. All the drawers simultaneously start to illustrate the word on a piece of 11_21_CH_PilgrimGame_Image 3blank paper as quickly as possible (they cannot use letters or numbers).
  4. Once a drawer is done with the illustration they pass the drawing across to their team mate without waiting for anyone else to finish.
  5. The guesser, once they receive the illustration, must write in clear words at the top of the page what they think the word is (from the drawing).
  6. As soon as the guesser finishes writing their answer they must put the writing utensil down and reach for the Pilgrim in front of them.
  7. The last team to grab a shaker does not get the opportunity for a point in this round.
  8. The teams that have a pilgrim in their hand must read out loud what their guess was. If the guess was right, they collect one point.
  9. The first team to get 6 points wins!
  • Tip:

If you’re looking to be sustainable, you can play with dry erase markers and white boards instead!

There you have it, two easy and fun ways to decide who gets the first slice of pumpkin pie this year! Something to keep in mind—if you want to avoid a mess, empty the salt and pepper shakers before playing.

What does your family do for fun once thanksgiving dinner is over? Share in the comments.

*Draw To Collect Word Cloud



Thanksgiving Diner

Mr. Pilgrim

Mrs. Pilgrim


Pumpkin Pie




Board Game




Plato the Publixauraus


Mashed Potatoes



Grocery List

Grocery Cart

Grocery Basket

Fall Leaves





Fire Pit


Cinnamon broom



Pine cone

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