Publix believes every family deserves to have food on their table, which is why we partner with organizations like Feeding America. Feeding America’s mission is clear: Feed the hungry across America. To accomplish this, they work with food banks nationwide to help feed those in need. Since 2010, through our partnership with Feeding America, Publix has donated more than 477 million pounds of food (or 373 million meals) to food banks and partner agencies.

Feeding America is the largest domestic hunger-relief organization in the U.S., helping 1 in 8 Americans every year. Hunger can be found in the face of anyone from children to seniors in communities across the country. Out of the 40 million people facing hunger, more than 12 million are children and almost 5 million are seniors. We asked Feeding America to give us some perspective as to the faces of hunger within our operating communities. Here are some of their stories.

 Marcia, 61, from Florida

When Marcia was younger, she traveled and lived all over the world. Today, she lives alone with her two boxers, and her sons live far away. A few years ago, her sons began worrying that she was struggling to keep up with her bills and wasn’t getting enough to eat. They suggested that she visit Second Harvest of the Big Bend to make sure she had enough to eat. She now visits Second Harvest on Wednesday afternoons and appreciates the fresh foods she receives. “They give us a lot of good things – fresh things! They’ve been giving us lots of chicken and cheese lately. I really enjoy the cheese, milk, peppers and bananas. I appreciate that they have little bananas so you can cut one up and use it on your cereal and not waste half. Everyone needs potassium!”

Feeding America-Marcia
Pat, 73, from Alabama
Sometimes, there’s no time to prepare for having one less income to support your family. Pat, 73, and her family know that firsthand. When her husband’s trucking company went on strike, feeding their family, including two teenage boys, became a challenge. That’s when her husband went to the local Feeding America member food bank, Feeding the Gulf Coast, to pick up a few boxes of food to help them get by. “That food was the best thing that could’ve happened to us,” she recalls. “You didn’t have to think, ‘How am I going to get food for my family, where am I going to get food for my family?’ ” Pat was so grateful that Feeding the Gulf Coast was there in her family’s time of need that she began volunteering with the food bank after she retired.

Feeding America-Pat

Feeding America member food banks and partner agencies serve communities throughout the United States with a network that includes 60,000 food pantries and more than 2 million volunteers. Through their work, 4.3 billion meals are provided to hungry people each year. As we continue our commitment to donate food and resources to food banks within our operating area, and as millions of dollars are generously contributed during register campaigns throughout the year, Publix is proud to join our customers in doing good, together, to help alleviate hunger. If you’d like to read more stories about the faces of hunger, check out Feeding America’s website.

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