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Beginning with one small store in 1930, today Publix stores span across seven states. Through the years and in between store openings, new plants and distribution centers were opened to support the flourishing business. When a store opens in a new area – let alone a new state – it’s a very exciting time and milestone for our company.

01_Post1_CC_Entering New States_Florida_Body ImageFlorida

Publix founder George Jenkins proudly opened his first Publix Food Store in Winter Haven, Florida, Sept. 6, 1930. He focused on cleanliness and friendly customer service. He continued adding stores throughout the state, and today Publix stores are located from the Keys to the Panhandle.


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A major milestone in Publix history happened when the company crossed the state line to open a store in Savannah, Georgia in 1991. By 2001, Publix had 100 stores in Georgia.

01_Post1_CC_Entering New States_SouthCarolina_Body ImageSouth Carolina

The company entered its third state in 1993, with the opening of its first store in South Carolina. Store #449 in Mount Pleasant is still open and operating today.


AlabamaStore Front, #573, Owens Cross Roads, Alabama, Atlanta Division

The first Alabama store opened in July 1996 in Owens Cross Roads. Shortly after, Huntsville, Alabama welcomed Publix into the area.


01_Post1_CC_Entering New States_Tennessee_Body ImageTennessee

The first two Tennessee stores opened in the Nashville area in October 2002. Stores #176 in Franklin and #182 in Hermitage were the first to introduce Tennesseans to the Publix culture. Phil Rosson who was the Regional Director at the time said, “We face the uniqueness of entering a market without a strong brand awareness—people may not know much about Publix, if anything.” But it didn’t take Publix associates long to build relationships with their customers.

North CarolinaStore, Charlotte, North Carolina, NC, 1st, first North Carolina store

In February 2014, the first Charlotte Division store opened in Charlotte, North Carolina. Publix entered the crowded and changing market and offered expanded prepared-food and health and wellness sections to its customers.

01_Post1_CC_Entering New States_Virginia_Body ImageVirginia

Publix entered its seventh state in July 2017 in Glen Allen, Virginia. During the store opening ceremony, CEO & President Todd Jones spoke about Publix’s humble beginnings and the importance of carrying on Mr. George’s spirit by taking care of customers and associates.



Did you attend or participate in any of our store openings as we entered a new state? Share your stories with us!

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6 Comments on “The History of Publix: Entering New States

  1. Brenda

    Why not try a whole new state. Hot Springs, AR could use a Publix and contains a wide variety of people. We have a flourishing art community, young families, those very interested in their health and a large and healthy retirement community. A little bit of everything, just the sort of customers Publix needs and the sort of customers that need Publix.

  2. Eric

    If you are looking for a new location…please consider Crossville, TN. Our closest store is in Cookeville, 30 miles away! I just retired here (after working on the Publix account for decades in Orlando!) and we have a Kroger and Walmart, but store conditions in the Kroger are some of the worst I’ve ever seen. What I have noticed is that the demographics moving into either “The Gardens” (RV home community $$) or Fairfield Glade (golfing community $$) is that everyone has moved here from around the country. There is a large population from Florida, California, and Texas who are used to Publix or HEB and we all wish we didn’t have to make a 60 mile round trip to go to Publix! I had 4 different Publix stores in SW Orlando to pick from at my leisure…I really miss my Publix stores!

  3. Aron

    Crossville Tennessee definitely needs a publix supermarket I’ve recently moved to the area and I feel this area can support one of your mid sized stores between Crossville and Fairfield Glade…

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