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If you’re a beer connoisseur, then you know there is much to enjoy ― the flavors, the combination of ingredients that went into creating the beer, and the overall experience. What completes this taste bud adventure? Snacks, of course! The question is — which ones?

While there are many food options to answer that question, a tried and true favorite to pair with your brew of choice is the pretzel, whether it be baked soft and dipped in a sauce of your choosing or baked crunchy and small enough to pop in between sips. But did you know there are certain flavors of pretzels that pair best with your favorite ales?

We paired up with Patrick, our Aprons Meals Technical Specialist, to bring you a list of flavor profiles sure to make your taste buds dance. Here’s a little guide to keep handy for your next beer-friendly get together.


Soft Pretzels

When it comes to large, warm, delicious soft pretzels, there are many pairings available. Find your favorite flavor and see which beers complement it best!



Salted Soft Pretzel                                                        German Style Hefeweizen

Salt & Caraway Seed Topped Soft Pretzel             Dunkelweizen (Dark Wheat Ale)

Poblano & Jack Cheese Soft Pretzel                        Mexican Style Lager

Basil Pesto with Parmesan Topping                         West Coast IPA



Hard Pretzels

These crunchy snacks are a hit at parties and bars alike. Check out this flavor guide below to see how you can get the most out of this snack and beer pairing!




Sourdough & Brown Mustard Soft Pretzel            Classic German Style Pilsner

Cheddar Cheese Sandwich Pretzel                           ESB

Jalapeño Pieces                                                             American Style IPA

Hot Buffalo Wing Pieces                             American Style Wheat Beer

Honey Mustard & Onion Pieces                               Pale Ale

Garlic Parmesan Pretzel Crisps                                  American Style Pilsner

Peanut Butter Filled Hard Pretzel                             Double Chocolate Stout

Chocolate Dipped Hard Pretzel                                 Mocha Porter


Now that you’ve got a few new snack ideas for your next beer-tasting extravaganza, we want to know which flavors you’ll try first! Shout them out in the comments.


* Drink responsibly. Be 21.

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