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Ah, November. If you’re like us, this month makes you think of falling leaves, cooler weather, and of course — Thanksgiving. While this holiday is celebrated with a plethora of food, the gathering of family, and copious amounts of football, it’s also the one time of the year where we all take a moment to think of all we’re thankful for.


Publix has always been active in the communities where we operate. Giving back is important to us, and what better holiday to spread that message than Thanksgiving? This year, we want to challenge you to truly GIVE for the holiday. Join us in 24 daily challenges that will give others even more to be appreciative of when they gather around their turkey dinner.


So, gather up your friends and family for the Publix ThanksGIVING challenge this November. Share your photos on social media using #PublixThanksGIVING and let’s spread a little joy!


November 1

Smile at a stranger and ask how their day is.

November 2

Call a friend or family member you haven’t spoken to in a while.

November 3

Pay for the order behind you in the drive-thru.

November 4

Buy a whole Publix sub and share the second half with someone who could use the pick-me-up.

November 5

Donate old clothes to a local shelter.

November 6

Volunteer your time to someone making a difference in your community. Stumped on where to start? Check out your local United Way organizations.

November 7

Hand out 10 compliments – whether it’s to people you know or strangers.

November 8

Bake a treat for your workplace associates.

November 9

Help a friend with something they’ve been doing on their own – big or small.

November 10

Make a monetary donation to your favorite charity.

November 11

Write someone a thank you card.

November 12

Take time to talk and listen to an elder.

November 13

Make a sandwich for someone without a home and sit with them a while.

November 14

Make someone’s Monday better with a cup of their favorite morning beverage.

November 15

Leave a bigger-than-usual tip at your favorite restaurant.

November 16

Tell five friends why you’re thankful for them.

November 17

Make a Food For Sharing donation.

November 18

Encourage a coworker. Let them know you’re there to help!

November 19

Let someone go ahead of you in line today.

November 20

Donate old books to a local school or library.

November 21

Listen to someone you love and help them however you can.

November 22

Leave an anonymous surprise for a neighbor, coworker, friend, or family member.

November 23

Help someone with their Thanksgiving preparations – whether that’s cooking, cleaning, or something else.

November 24

Share a photo of what or who you’re most thankful for this holiday using #PublixThanksGIVING.

Thanks for helping us give back this ThanksGIVING. What was your favorite challenge and why? Share your thoughts in the comments!


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Kandi S. wrote her first short story at nine-years-old and has been a lover of the written word ever since, which makes The Publix Checkout one of her favorite things about working for Publix! Starting as a cashier in 2005, Kandi has since incorporated her love for writing and social media with her passion for the company focused on customer service. She enjoys fitness, writing, live music and local food and beverages. Kandi hopes you walk away from our blog each day with a new-found appreciation for the grocery store where shopping is a pleasure.

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