There’s always a reason to throw a party whether it’s a birthday, a holiday or even a get together to watch a college football game. It wouldn’t be a party without lots of snacks like pretzels, fruits, veggies, chips and lots and lots of dips, right? What is it about dip that is so great? There is something so satisfying about grabbing just about any kind of snack to dip and scoop into different flavors. There are hundreds of varieties to choose from, so take your pick! Savory or sweet? Served hot or cold? We gathered all of our favorite dip recipes for you to make.


 Crab Rangoon Dip

If you like crab rangoon, you’ll love this. Add additional chili sauce and green onions for a little kick.

Corn Fun-Do Dip

This is how the Southwest does dip! Add corn chips or pita bites for the perfect snack.

Creamy Pickle Dip

The perfect cross between cool and tangy! Add your favorite kettle-cooked chips and impress your guests.

Quick Sausage and Cheese Dip

Perfect for queso lovers! Pair it with tortilla chips for a flavorful, traditional appetizer.


Ready-Made Dips

If you’re in a hurry and don’t have the time to make your own dips, you can find delicious options in your local Publix Deli!

Sweeten it Up!

09_Post3_Dips_Body Image 3


Chocolate Hazelnut S’mores Dip

You’ll definitely be dipping for s’more!
Dip with graham crackers or your favorite
cookie. Your kids will love this one!



09_Post3_Dips_Body Image 2


Strawberry Fluff Dip

Fluffy, fruity and simple to make!
Great to add to any fruit platter.



You can’t go wrong with offering your guests a good dip! Share your favorite dip recipe for entertaining in the comments below.

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