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Our Publix Social Media team has one overwhelming thing in common: We all love talking about our all-time favorite finds from Publix! We’re constantly raving about our favorite ways to use Publix Oven Baked Chicken in various recipes or how celery is the perfect pairing with Publix Deli Buffalo Chicken Dip. This got me thinking: We shouldn’t waste this knowledge; we should share it with our customers. If you’re looking for products to try, here are some of our team’s favorite items, all of which you can find in your local store.

Caroline: Cookies and Cream Ice Cream

My favorite Publix item is our premium cookies and cream ice cream. There’s nothing better than eating a bowl of ice cream after dinner while catching up on my favorite shows. It also makes the best milkshakes, so you really can’t go wrong with this flavor!

Kassi: Original Cut Veggi-Green Green Beans

In a household with two small kids, we basically live on the Publix veggi-green green beans. They taste extremely fresh but are a little softer than green beans you would find in the produce department, which makes them easy for the little ones to eat. I recommend draining the water from the can and cooking on the stove top with a tablespoon of butter and some salt and pepper.

Kelsey: Reusable bags

My reusable bags are a must-have item because they’re so versatile. I use them while grocery shopping, but I also love using them as a tote bag. Pro tip! If you have trouble remembering to bring the bags into Publix with you, try keeping them folded in a zipped up insulated cooler in the front seat of your car.

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Cinthya: French bread

There is nothing better than walking into your store and grabbing a freshly baked loaf of French bread. I love the crispy outside and chewy center. My family uses this bread for many different things, but there’s nothing better than using it for a meatball sub or just toasting it and topping with butter.

Jackie: Mango, Strawberry and Blueberry Yogurt Parfait

On any given morning, you can probably find me eating one of these parfaits for breakfast. I’ve loved all our parfait options for years, but this one became my favorite after tasting the yummy blend of tart fruits mixed with the sweet yogurt and granola. Sometimes when I’m feeling adventurous, I’ll add a bit of honey to the top for breakfast or I’ll add a bit of chocolate into the mix and eat it as a dessert.

Karleigh: Italian Pizza Dough

Publix Bakery Italian pizza dough is my favorite product because I love that I can enjoy the taste of homemade pizza crust without spending time making dough from scratch. I like to use the dough to make breadsticks, flatbreads, rolls and pizzas with a large variety of sauces and toppings. Pro tip! Remove the dough from the refrigerator and let it stand in the bag for one hour. This will make it easier to work with!

Alt= “Publix French bread, mango strawberry and blueberry parfait and Italian pizza dough in green shopping basket.”

Doug: Bourbon salmon

The Publix bourbon marinated salmon is currently my favorite item. It comes cut to the perfect size and goes well with a variety of vegetable options. As someone who loves the taste of plain salmon, this marinade makes it hard to go back. The bourbon salmon’s rich flavor is a perfect mix between sweet and savory.

Monique: Publix Flank Steak Provolone Spinach Wheels

When it comes to picking my favorite product to share with our readers, I wanted to share one that is a favorite of my entire family. The flank steak with provolone and spinach wheels are convenient on busy work nights but have the same great quality taste that makes us feel like we are eating out. They are also simple. You just put them in the oven for 30 to 45 minutes and voila! Delicious steak filled with creamy melted cheese and fresh spinach. We add our own seasonings like garlic powder and ground pepper to add a little pizazz. Even my little picky eaters love this one!

Alt= “Publix bourbon salmon and flank steak provolone spinach wheels in green shopping basket.”

Abby: Hot and Spicy Non-Breaded Wings

I’m always trying to make better choices when it comes to eating but still want my favorite foods. That’s why my latest Publix favorite is our deli hot and spicy non-breaded wings. These wings make such an easy meal to grab from the deli and I feel guilt free when eating lower carb. I usually pair these with some carrots and celery or a side salad — perfect for lunch or dinner. By the way, ranch dressing for dipping is my favorite pick over blue cheese for all our wing options.

Allison: Raspberry lemonade

My favorite product is the Publix Deli Raspberry Lemonade! This tasty and refreshing drink is the perfect sidekick for just about any sub on the menu. While I think it’s perfect for every occasion, my favorite way to enjoy this drink is at brunch on Sundays. I use it to mix together the perfect mimosa — my friends love the option.

Lacey: Ordering a sub as a salad

My top pick at Publix right now is turning my sub into a salad! Yes, it’s a thing. I love having this option because it’s just another way for me to enjoy all the goodness of #PubSubs all in one container. Chicken tender sub as a salad? Yes, please! I load mine with chicken tenders, lettuce, pickles, ranch, cheese and a sprinkle of salt and pepper.

Matt: Publix Deli Medium Salsa

This is THE best salsa there is. Why? It’s all natural and it’s a great blend of heat with some mild sweetness. This salsa is delicious as a dip with chips, but I prefer using it as a topping. A turkey burger, a light-colored fish, chicken, eggs (…really, whatever you enjoy) with some of this salsa on top? Pure perfection!

Alt= “Publix hot and spicy non-breaded wings, raspberry lemonade, salad and medium salsa in green shopping basket.”

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Jackie J. became a Publix associate in 2017 after deciding to take her love of food to the next level. She began working with the Social Media team at that time and she immediately fell in love with life at Publix. In her spare time, she bakes to relax and creates yummy morsels for friends and family to munch on. When she isn’t working, you can probably find her playing with her cat and dog (Nila and Oreo), at a theme park or watching a Harry Potter Movie Marathon.

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