I don’t know about you, but I hate having hundreds of unorganized receipts laying around everywhere. I’ve always wanted to use less paper and keep my receipts in one convenient place. This is why I’ve fallen in love with Publix E-Receipts! Now, I can enter my phone number at checkout and a digital version of my receipt goes straight to my Publix.com account. Do you want to know the best part? You can save some paper and straighten up some clutter too, because E-Receipts are now live!

Sign Up

Enroll to receive E-Receipts by going to Publix.com/e-receipts. After logging in to your account, go to the ‘My E-Receipts’ tab and follow the three easy steps to sign up.08_JJ_DigitalReceipt_bodyimage2

  1. Verify that your correct phone number comes up on the screen.




  1. Select which receipts you would like to receive. You can choose to receive both E-Receipts 08_JJ_DigitalReceipt_bodyimage3and paper receipts, or you can select one.





  1. If you selected that you would like to receive E-Receipts, you will be able to access them 08_JJ_DigitalReceipt_bodyimage1after your next shopping trip in the store.





Viewing Your E-Receipt

Receipts show up in your account after you’ve entered your phone number into the pin pad at checkout and are saved for up to six months. Like a printed receipt, your E-Receipt will show each item and any discounts you used during your purchase. As a bonus, you are also able to print your receipt from home or email it to someone.  You can access your E-Receipts after your purchase by:

  • Logging in to your account online or on the Publix App
  • If you’re looking for your receipt online, go to the ‘E-Receipts’ tab
  • If you’re looking for your receipt through the app, go to the ‘My Shopping Trips’ tab
  • Find the date of the receipt you’re looking for
  • Select ‘View’










Create A Shopping List

Can’t remember that special treat you bought last week? You can access images of the items from your receipts and can even mark items as your favorites and add them to your shopping 08_JJ_DigitalReceipt_bodyimage5list for your next visit! Your list will become available to view 24-48 hours after you’ve shopped. After adding your items, you can find your new list, which conveniently includes the aisle or department your items are in at your store, in the ‘Shopping List’ tab. To create a new shopping list:

  • Click on ‘Item List’ to find the items you purchased
  • Select ‘Add to Shopping List’ to add an item to your new shopping list


Save some paper and sign up to receive E-Receipts today! Have you signed up for E-Receipts yet? Let us know what you think on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

Jackie J.

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Jackie J. became a Publix associate in 2017 after deciding to take her love of food to the next level. She began working with the Social Media team at that time and she immediately fell in love with life at Publix. In her spare time, she bakes to relax and creates yummy morsels for friends and family to munch on. When she isn’t working, you can probably find her playing with her cat and dog (Nila and Oreo), at a theme park or watching a Harry Potter Movie Marathon.

12 Comments on “The Ultimate Guide to Publix Digital Receipts

  1. Avatarmatt

    I just signed up for E-Receipts. It makes it easy for me since I tend to have a bit of OCD when keeping track of records and finances. I however was a bit disappointed. Most stores have the ability to add old paper receipts to their purchase history by scanning either a bar code or QR code listed on the bottom of the receipt. Walmart also allows me to enter 20 Digit TC# code manually to add the receipt to my purchase history.

    I also just read that the receipts are only available for up to 18 months. I’ve been able to enter receipts from Walmart there were 2 and 3 years old. Additionally, addressing what another poster stated about codes and abbreviated descriptions of products; once those old receipts were added it displays the full name of the items purchased as well as a photo of the items.

    Just my two sense, but these are features you might want to look into.

    1. Karleigh W.Karleigh W.

      Hi Matt, thanks very much for these pieces of feedback. We will share your suggestions with the appropriate team for their consideration. We appreciate you reaching out.

  2. AvatarTracey

    I opt to have paper receipts as I need them for proof of purchase of certain items I buy. I submitted my first Publix receipt and the company questioned each item that I said I purchased even though the descriptions seem to be kind of clear to me. But it needs to be clear to them…
    I know that I can put a sku in from a Walmart receipt and it will show the exact item purchased, size, quantity, weight and price.

    Example. I bought a 6 pack of Zevia ginger ale. On the receipt it says Zevia natural soda. It doesn’t specify type or that it was a 6 pack.
    I need to be have access to this information and be able to screenshot it in order to get credit for my purchase. Otherwise, I’m forced to shop elsewhere for my special purchases. Publix is in my family. 3 relatives work there. I do not like going anywhere else for my groceries. Please tell me there is a way to look up descriptions on receipts and get a full product descriptions?

    Thank you.

    1. Jackie J.Jackie J.

      Hey there, Tracey! If you sign up for digital receipts, you can view the receipts in the same view that is printed, but you can also view the list by item. The item list view shows a picture of the item purchased alongside the full name of the item. When you sign up for e-receipts, you have the option to receive a digital version and still receive a printed version in-store as well if desired. The digital receipt can be emailed or printed from a computer as well if you decide to not get a printed receipt in-store.

  3. AvatarWilliam

    Is there any way to clear or at least cull the eReceipts on my phone? I shop at Publix three or four times a week, and between the data fies and the receipt images, that’s using up a lot of my phone’s memory. It would be nice if I cut cut it down to, say, just the past week or two.

  4. AvatarNC BUYER

    Hello, can you tell me what all the codes on the receipt mean? There are up to three letters (codes) after the price, some are lower-case, some are upper-case and they can be in different combinations. They probably have meanings for taxable, how much tax, etc – for example:


    Is there a guide to decipher what these mean?


    1. Jackie J.Jackie J.

      Hello Jason! We’re so happy to hear you are enjoying digital receipts. It’s one of the many ways we’re working to support environmentally sustainable practices and make your shopping trip easier. Many of our customers are still discovering electronic receipts but adoption is growing every week! Thanks again for your question.

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