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Sushi is often a fan favorite. If you’re on the fence about this popular Asian food, why not at least give it a try? One common misconception about sushi is that it always contains raw seafood. Publix actually offers many varieties of sushi that are fully-cooked, and do not contain raw seafood. Here is a behind the scenes look of our sushi.

Best-selling rolls include:

  • California Roll
  • Crunchy Roll
  • Crunchy Shrimp Tempura Roll
  • Spicy Tuna Roll
  • Cream Cheese Roll

To learn more about each of the most popular sushi rolls, check out our “International Sushi Day” blog.

How does a new sushi roll recipe come to be in our stores? Clarence Chan, our supplier partner shared, “We have a product development team that continuously analyzes new item recipes and produces them in test kitchens. For a new sushi roll to be created and brought to market, it has to go through a variety of stages.” He went on to say, “From sample tasting to quality check and recipe adjustment, there are many steps our teams must go through when adding a new roll to our selection. One of the team’s goals for 2018 is to introduce new sushi items on a quarterly basis.”


Aprons Cooking School: Sushi 101

Did you know our Aprons Cooking School offers a class all about making the perfect sushi roll?

This class will allow you to discover sushi without the raw fish. You will learn the basics of making perfectly seasoned sushi rice, forming sushi rolls and nigiri using all the classic sushi ingredients like nori, wasabi, sushi rice and pickled ginger.

Menu Includes:

Classic Sushi Rice; California Roll; Philadelphia Inside-Out Roll; Tempura Shrimp and Asparagus Roll with Toasted Sesame Seeds; Spicy Crab Hand Roll; Smoked Salmon Nigiri.

This month we offer our hands-on Sushi 101 class on March 12th or March 26th depending on location. You can find our Aprons Cooking School calendars here.


If you’re one of our sushi fanatics, what is your favorite?

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