Family meal time is important, and no matter your family dynamic you should try to make this time a priority. It’s simply about sharing a meal with the ones you love. The Food Marketing Institute (FMI) named September “Family Meals Month” in hopes that you will share at least one meal a week at home with your family. Let us help you plan, prepare and enjoy a meal with the ones you love.

Benefits of Family Meal Time

There are many benefits to family meal time that go beyond the blessing of simply being together. Evidence demonstrates that family meal frequency is associated with increased intake of dietary components related to improved health such as fruits, vegetables, fiber, calcium-rich foods and vitamins. It has also shown that families consume less unhealthy foods and drinks when eating together.

Break Through the Challenges

Sitting down for a family meal during busy weeks is hard with all the activities nevermind your normal routine. Here are some challenges you may face and how to break through them:

Lack of Meal Planning: Planning and sometimes even preparing meals ahead of time can help you save time and money. Think about your schedule for the week ahead of time. Making a shopping list is important when preparing for the week. Designate quick and easy meals for busy days. Check out our 5 Fast & Smart Meals to get you started.

Scheduling Challenges: Many families today have spouses or partners who work late or children with extracurricular activities several nights a week. Conflicting schedules make it hard to sit down as a family. Dinner does not always have to be the meal that you have together ¬– remember you always have breakfast and lunch. Look for short cuts to help you save time to fit your busy schedule. Try out Delivery powered by Instacart, curbside or in store pickup.

Need Inspiration: Deciding what to cook for family meals can be difficult. It is easy to get stuck in a rut and eat the same thing every week. Check out our Aprons meals for new ideas. Also, try getting your family involved with meal planning and coming up with new fun ideas together, this isn’t something you have to take on alone.

Picky Eaters: Parents and children can be picky eaters, which can be difficult when you have a family with different food preferences. There are some easy tricks to help with this! It may not be possible to do every night but try getting your kids involved. Having them help you prepare family meals is one of the most effective ways to encourage them to try new foods and improve their overall diet quality. When time doesn’t warrant the help from your little ones, try putting together a food “bar” for your meal. Meals like taco night make for a great food bar. This way all the picky eaters in your family can pick and choose what they want.

Family meals are possible with meal planning. Get started today by trying these new family meal recipes.

Eggs in a Nest
Pork Chow Mein
Barbecue Chicken Kabobs over Cheesy Rice with Strawberry Bites 
Barbecue chicken kabobs over cheesy rice w strawberry bites
Apple Pie Pancakes with Turkey Bacon

Pancakes Overhead

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