With the holiday season comes spruce trees, mistletoe, and of course — poinsettias. Why, exactly, are these red-leafed plants such an integral symbol of this time of year? And how do you ensure your poinsettias stay fresh throughout the month? Read on to find out!

Flowers of the Holy Night

We know this seasonal foliage as the poinsettia because the first man to bring the plant to America was Joel Roberts Poinsett. Poinsett brought the plant back to South Carolina with him in 1828; however, it has flourished for ages in Mexico.

So, why is the poinsettia plant tied to Christmas?

Well, the old legend says that a young girl named Pepita did not have a present to bring baby resizeJesus. She was very sad about it, but her brother encouraged her to still bring whatever she could — no matter the value — because surely Jesus would appreciate any gift from someone who loved him.

Pepita picked a bundle of weeds on their journey and laid them at the bottom of the nativity scene. Suddenly, the weeds burst into a beautiful bundle of bright red flowers. Everyone present was certain they had witnessed a miracle, and thus the poinsettia became better known as the ‘Flores de Noche Buena’ — Flowers of the Holy Night.

It is said that the shape of the poinsettia leaves symbolizes the Star of Bethlehem, the red color of the leaves symbolizes the blood of Jesus, and the white leaves symbolize his purity.

Poinsettias from Publix

Though there are many places you can purchase this seasonal plant, we hope you’ll chose the place you know and trust — Publix! Not only are our poinsettias two-cane plants (which means more soil volume, less time watering, and more time enjoying!), but we also offer a six and a half inch pot. You can expect the same freshness and length of life from our poinsettias that you’ve come to know with our other flowers.

Just like any plant or flower, poinsettias need to be cared for, and we make sure to keep ours protected from the elements. That’s why you’ll notice fresh, beautiful poinsettias available in our stores all the way up to the holiday.


Another bonus? We offer custom pot-covers to make our poinsettias stand out even more. In fact, we have a team of graphic design artists and vendors dedicated to creating these plant dresses! They’re exclusive to Publix, which means you won’t find these beauties anywhere else. Not only will the stunning plant brighten up your home, but its cover will add its own special element, too.

Make it Last

Once you get it home, make sure to properly hydrate the plant and keep away from the elements (think pets, little humans, etc). As we mentioned previously, the poinsettia is a very tender plant, and the more care it gets, the longer it will last. Also, ensure the plant is stored in a place with low lighting and no harsh, direct sun. If you can follow these simple tips, your poinsettia can easily last the entire month of December!


What do you love most about this holiday plant? We’d love to hear your thoughts and memories!


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