Top Rated Publix Aprons Recipes

Our Publix Aprons® team has created hundreds of recipes for our customers to choose from! Whether you’re looking for an appetizer and entree inspiration or dessert and drink ideas, we have it all covered. Get your family together at the table with enticing meals that are already proven to be delicious. We’ve gathered our highest-ranking dinner and dessert recipes based on customer reviews. Since these recipes have already been put to the test, all you must do is gather the ingredients and get cooking!


Shrimp Scampi with Roasted Peppers and Spinach

Publix Aprons shrimp scampi with roasted peppers and spinach

Asiago Chicken Pasta

Publix Publix Aprons asiago chicken pasta

Pork with Mushrooms and Brie Sauce Over Mashed Potatoes

Publix Aprons Pork with mushrooms and brie sauce over mashed potatoes

Taco Chili

Publix Aprons Taco Chili

Asian-Style Turkey and Green Bean Sauté

Publix Aprons Asian Turkey and Green Bean Sauté

Tiramisu No-Bake Pie Publix Aprons Tiramisu No Bake Pie

Cocoa Crisp and Toffee Cookies

Publix Aprons Cocoa Crisp and Toffee Cookies

Berry Shortcake

Publix Aprons Berry Shortcake



We’ve narrowed it down, so let us know which meal you will cook next time you get the family together!


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