New year, new you, right? So many of us start the year confident that we will tackle our health resolutions head on. But as the days go by and life’s workloads pile on, we tend to leave our resolutions on the back burner. This year, let Publix help you reach your goals―teamwork makes the dream work!

Instead of piling on resolutions that can become overwhelming, break them down into smaller, more achievable goals and let us help you while you’re at it. Below are some common ones. Pick a couple and let the resources we have put together help you on your journey!


Resolution: Eat Less Fat

If you’re looking to reduce your fat intake in 2017, you should  keep an eye out for our Better Choice shelf tags―especially in areas such as cheese and frozen meals. Using the latest scientific research, Publix’s registered dietitian nutritionists have compared groups of similar products to identify items that have more of the nutrients you need, like fiber, and less of the things you don’t need, like saturated fat, added sodium, or added sugar.

Another awesome resource our dietitians have put together is our online shopping lists. These are tailored to specific dietary needs, including low-fat!


Resolution: Eat Meats Raised Without  Antibiotics or Added Hormones

If this resolution is what’s calling your name then you should focus on our GreenWise label meats or other organic products.  You can find organic products by identifying the special shelf tags. You will see specifications on the tags to differentiate items. There are items made with at least 70% organic ingredients and others with 95%, the latter being those that qualify to use the USDA organic label.


Resolution: Cook  Better Choice Meals

Thanks to our Aprons Chefs, we have a plethora of delicious Aprons Simple Meals. But did you know that we have some for your specific dietary needs? You can filter by Carb Smart, Heart Smart, lacto-ovo vegetarian and gluten-free. We also have a section for Better Choice recipes that provide nutritious yet simple options for your family.


Resolution: Eat a Gluten Free Diet01_11_ Post2_CH_ Resolutions_image 3

We’ve made shopping and cooking gluten-free a lot less complicated. Starting with our online gluten-free shopping list, following our in-store purple gluten free shelf tags icon for easy item identification, and finishing with our growing gluten-free Aprons Simple Meals section, you will be tackling this goal in no time!


Resolution: Eat Foods Without Artificial Colors, Flavors, and Preservatives01_11_ Post2_CH_ Resolutions_image 2

We have just the shelf tag icon for you―the green leaf. Next time you’re at your local Publix, be sure to look for this useful symbol as it identifies items that are made without artificial preservatives, flavors, or colors. Items, however, may contain colors from natural sources.


Resolution: Eat More Organics

A great way to load your cart with the organic goodies you’re looking for is to find products with our specially designed shelf tags.    Another great resource is the online organic product search, which will help you identify the products you might be looking for before arriving at your local Publix. Also, be sure to check out our  variety of organic GreenWise  products!


Resolution: Eat Less Sodium

Before heading out for your weekly shopping trip, check out our online low-sodium shopping list for ideas on the type of items you should keep in your pantry. For foods such as canned vegetables, lunch meats, and frozen meals, be sure to look for our Better Choice tags. Our Publix dietitians have spent time comparing similar items to identify those that have more of the nutrients you need, like fiber, and less of the things you don’t need, like saturated fat, added sodium, and added sugar.


Resolution: Eat Less Sugar

We have an entire shopping list dedicated to items with four grams of sugar or less, check it out! The more familiar you are with your options, the more prepared you’ll be to make the right choice for you once you’re in the store. Also, our Better Choice tags will make shopping easier in areas such as cereal, breakfast bars, pasta sauce and more―let our dietitians do the label comparing and you  do the food enjoying!


We’re always here to help you get on track and accomplish what you set out to do. If you need some more general food and nutrition information, chat with our Publix dietitians or ask us in the comments below. Let’s tackle 2017 together! Tell us, are any of these eight goals on your 2017 list?

Catalina H.

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Catalina H. became a Publix associate in 2012 and has thought of it as a home away from home ever since. When choosing what to write about, she thinks about her own life and what she wants to know more about – that way she can learn something new, too! Although her favorite Publix brand product is the Bakery Carrot Cake, you’ll probably find her snacking on peppers and drinking lots of water when writing her blogs. Outside of work, Catalina enjoys fitness, reading, crafting, and exploring new things (do you see a theme here?).

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