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We’re always looking for new associates to become members of the Publix family. If you’ve ever considered joining our award-winning team, there are countless ways to do so. Check out these highly in-demand positions!



Future associates with an artistic flair are prime candidates for this skilled specialty position on our Bakery teams. Our Decorators produce the colorful, creative, mouth-watering desserts that helped make Publix famous with our customers and in our communities.

Pharmacy Technicians

Our Pharmacy Technicians are an invaluable resource for our Pharmacists and customers. Enhancing the wellness of everyone involved, these associates are crucial in providing you the superior customer service you’ve come to expect from us.

Sous Chefs

If making meals makes your day, joining our Aprons team could be your recipe for success! Our Sous Chefs provide our customers with creative ideas on how to prepare great meals for friends and family through our signature recipes and Aprons Cooking School classes.

Deli Clerks

When dinner time comes, our Deli Clerks are masters of quick meal preparation. They help our customers quiet their grumbling tummies with delicious sandwiches, salads, soups and more.

Body Care Specialists

One-on-one customer service and product recommendations are the subjects our Body Care Specialists excel at! These associates will explain the benefits of various products to you so you can make a more confident and informed purchase.

Meat Cutters

Our Meat Cutters are skilled experts in preparing and cutting the wide variety of items available in our Meat department, and take pride in providing customers with creative and unique ideas on how to cook and serve each kind of meat for your meal.

Bakery Clerks

The first stop for many customers hosting a family get-together or special event, or even just for a quick detour for a free cookie, our Bakery associates prepare mouth-watering products and attach a smile to every customer interaction.

Event Planners

For the most treasured moments, our Event Planners are pleased to assist customers with bringing their celebration to life! From floral arrangements to catering options and show-stopping desserts, an Event Planner takes pride in making your festivity extraordinary.


If any of these positions are your calling, call out to us! Through Facebook and Twitter, our Publix Careers team is happy to answer your questions and provide more information about these and hundreds of other positions in the Publix family.

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