We love helping our customers, whether they are grandmas, college students or famous sports personalities. And we do it because it feels good, not because we’re expecting any sort of recognition. But when someone goes out of their way to share a positive experience, it truly does make us feel appreciated.

Last week, former Auburn University Head Football Coach Gene Chizik gave a special shout-out to the associates at his neighborhood Publix in Auburn, AL, praising their customer service. Our associates couldn’t help but share the love. So, a few days later, they surprised him with a sweet treat: one of Publix’s signature cakes, a signed card and flowers for Mrs. Chizik.


Mr. George built our business nearly 90 years ago on the value customer service delivers, and it’s why we’re still making shopping a pleasure today. Whether it’s going above-and-beyond the call of duty to retrieve a little girl’s missing stuffed bunny rabbit from a local landfill, or simply offering a helping hand with our complimentary carry out service, it’s our associates’ commitment to customer service that sets the Publix experience apart.

Mr. George always said, ‘We’re not only in the grocery business, we’re in the people business.’ No matter who walks through our doors, this is the type of impression we hope to leave on our customers.

We want to thank store manager Sebastian Lewis for coordinating this surprise, a true example of the Publix spirit!

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