Mr. George at a store opening speaking into a microphone in front of store associates

From the mid-1980s through the 1990s, Mr. George was often spotted wearing his now-legendary Publix logo suit jacket. Have you ever wondered how this iconic jacket came to be? Let’s take a behind-the-scenes look at this treasured piece of Publix memorabilia.

Gene Succow, vice president of bakery operations until 1990, was known as a sharp dresser. He liked to wear pants and jackets with different patterns and colors throughout the 1970s and 1980s. When the Danish Bakery mascot, Mr. Kringle, made his debut in 1979 and was applied to bakery associates’ uniforms, it wasn’t long before Gene personally commissioned a custom-tailored suit jacket to be made using the new uniform material. The goal was to show off the emblem at store openings and other events. Joe Blanton, who was named Publix’s president in 1973, saw Gene’s jacket and loved it, so one was made for him as well.

Danish Bakery vice president models his custom-made Mr. Kringle logo jacket

Gene Succow in his custom-tailored Mr. Kringle jacket.

Gene and Joe were so fond of their jackets, they decided it was only appropriate for Mr. George to have a special jacket as well. They worked with Publix’s uniform vendor to design the Publix “P” logo fabric and worked to make four custom jackets — one each for Mr. George, Gene, Joe and Charlie Jenkins Sr., Mr. George’s brother and chairman of the board at the time. In 1985, around the same time the jackets were made, the logo was registered as a trademark which made these jackets unique and protected the fabric from being duplicated or reproduced.

Mr. George wears his green Publix "P" logo jacket while speaking into microphone

Joe Blanton sporting his Publix “P” logo jacket at a store opening.

Mr. George was so happy with his jacket he wore it to countless events such as store openings, ribbon cuttings, banquets and even meetings. He wore it so often that it became stained, discolored and worn out – so his brother Charlie gave him his! That jacket is now in the care of Publix’s corporate archives. As for the remaining two jackets, they are still with their respective families.

Mr. George wears his logo jacket with a green tie and a smile

Mr. George wearing his renowned Publix “P” logo jacket.

Do you have any memories of seeing Mr. George or other Publix executives in this special jacket? Have you seen it on display in recent years? Share your favorite memories, experiences or photos with us on social media.


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