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There is a world of whiskey out there, but how much do you know about this golden-brown spirit? Whiskey is a pretty versatile drink that can cater to many tastes. The first stirrings of whiskey began over 1,000 year ago and techniques continue to be refined today. With millions of whiskey barrels aging around the world, we wanted to share our thoughts on this spirit. Not sure if you’re a fan? Let us tell you more.

Composition of Whiskey

Single malt whisky is not blended with any other malt. This whiskey is made from a mash and barley and is distilled at a single distillery using a pot still distillation process made from a mash and barley.

Grain whiskey is made mainly from corn and barley.

Blended is just that. This is a mixture of straight whiskey (distilled from mash of a single grain) and mixed-grain whiskey.

Whiskey Types


Types of Whiskey

Now let’s break down the differences. We’ll start with the spelling. Generally, whiskey (with an E) is from the U.S. or Ireland whereas whisky (no E) is from Scotland, Canada or Japan.


How it’s made: When bourbon is made, there are actual laws in place to ensure consistent quality. Bourbon can only be made in the United States. True bourbons must contain at least 51 percent corn after being distilled. Bourbon must also be stored for two or more years in charred new oak containers to be considered straight.

Taste: This spirit has a sweet, smoky taste.

Cocktail suggestion: Bourbon Cucumber



How it’s made: There are two types: single or blended. Single malt, single grain, blended malt and blended grain can only be produced in Scotland. By law all Scotch must be aged at least three years.  A single malt whisky must contain 100 percent malted grain, usually barley, and must come from a single distillery. Blended is a blend of single malts from several distilleries.

Taste: The taste depends on which of the six whisky regions of Scotland it originates from. The flavor can range from peat to smoky, to floral.

Cocktail suggestions: Scottish Holiday


Irish Whiskey

How it’s made: Irish whiskey is made with a lot of barley, typically goes through three rounds of distillation and must include malted barley.

Taste: This is a spirit you’ll want to sip. It’s very smooth, but not as sweet as bourbon.

Cocktail suggestion: Lucky Leprechaun


Tennessee Whiskey

How it’s made: Tennessee whiskey can only be made in Tennessee and tastes a lot like bourbon, but does follow a slightly different distillation process. This spirit must be at least 51 percent corn and must be filtered through maple charcoal before aging

Taste: Using a charcoal filter during distillation removes some of the harshness and adds charcoal-like flavors.

Cocktail suggestion: Tennessee Lemonade


Rye Whiskey

How it’s made: Rye is a whiskey that is distilled from at least 51 percent rye.

Taste: Rye whiskey tends to be dry. It is a spicy and grainy version of bourbon.

Cocktail suggestion:  Manhattan


Japanese Whisky

How it’s made: Japanese whisky is often mixed with imported whisky from Scotland or other foreign countries. Like Scotch, this whisky is made from malted barley and is distilled twice in pot and column stills.

Taste: There is a lot of creativity in the making of Japanese whisky, since there is a lack of strict regulations. This whisky is delicate and can often have sweet, smoky or fruity flavors with complex spices.

Cocktail suggestions: Old Fashioned or neat


Bartender with Whiskey

How to Serve

How you choose to enjoy whiskey is a personal preference. When drinking straight, you can opt for either neat or on the rocks. Neat is served at room temperature with no ice or mixers. We recommend this for single malts to preserve all the flavors. On the rocks (over ice) is recommended when drinking blended whiskey. Adding ice will open new flavors as you sip.

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*Drink Responsibly. Be 21.

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