It’s no secret that wine pairs perfectly with pasta, but do you know how to pair them for the best taste? If not, this article will give you some suggestions to help you achieve the best flavor. Your guests will love these pasta classics. Pair them with the suggested wine for mouth-watering results and a true Italian dinner.

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Pasta with Pork Zinfandel Ragout – Zinfandel’s juicy, fruit-forward acidity makes it a stellar choice for adding to sweet tomatoes in a slow-cooked sauce, which is exactly what you’ll get from this dish. It’s perfect for sipping with your finished meal as well.

Pinot Grigio08_CA_Wine and Pasta_Body Image 2

Gnocchi with Sweet Potato, Corn and Bacon – Pinot grigio is refreshing and tart. It pairs great with the richness of the salty bacon and creamy gnocchi. It also complements strong herbs like sage.

Pinot Noir08_CA_Wine and Pasta_Body Image 3

Penne Pasta with Tomato-Roasted Red Pepper Sauce, Kale and Toasted Bread Crumbs – The smoky berry tones in pinot noir pair well with the sweet red bell peppers and kale in this dish. Pinot noir is smooth and maintains its fruit flavors, which is great for this vegetarian dish.

Sauvignon Blanc08_CA_Wine and Pasta_Body Image 4

Cacio e Pepper (Cheese & Pepper) Pasta with Sea Scallops – Sauvignon blanc has a wide range of flavors from grapefruit and peach to grassy and crisp. It’s a choice that is pretty versatile when pairing with a dish. In this specific dish, it balances the flavors but does not overwhelm the taste of the buttery sea scallops.



You should also check out Aprons’ food and wine pairings guide for everything you need to know about finding the best wine for the perfect meal. This guide breaks it down into whites, blushes and reds depending on your taste preference. Let us know your favorite wine pairings in the comments below!  Drink responsibly. Be 21.

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