Publix is recognized as one of Fortune’s Best Workplaces for WomenThis is a great achievement for Publix, and one specifically attributable to the efforts of women who are leading the way. In this blog series, we’ll share stories from several of our female leaders, including their accomplishments and how their roles help Publix become an inclusive, diverse and inspirational place to work. 

Meet Karen, Director of Brand Marketing and Analytics

Karen started as a cashier at her local Publix at age 16. A few years later, Karen planned to move to Gainesville, Florida, to continue her education at the University of Florida. With the move, she assumed she needed to quit her Publix job. Fortunately, her store manager shared information about Publix’s tuition reimbursement program and encouraged her to transfer to a Publix in her new college town. Karen worked at the local Publix in Gainesville and funded her way through college with grants and scholarships, her Publix paycheck and the tuition reimbursement resources.

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After graduating with a degree in advertising, Karen applied to advertising agencies in Atlanta. However, her store manager encouraged her to consider Publix’s marketing and advertising department where she could put her new college degree to use. She saw a job posting for an ad letter clerk at our corporate office and decided to apply.

“I didn’t know exactly what an ad letter clerk was, but I knew it would be a great first step in starting my career in a sizeable marketing department where I could grow my career,” she shared. “I applied and was excited when I was offered the job 26 years ago.”

Karen has worked her way through several marketing positions to become the department’s first female director in marketing. She is now the director of brand marketing and analytics, where she is responsible for three teams: brand marketing, consumer insights and marketing analytics.

Starting a Career with Publix

For people interested in a career with Publix, Karen offers this advice: “Don’t just think about the next career step you want. Think about the positions beyond that one. If you are able and willing, take a position other than the one you are interested in to ‘get your foot in the door.’ Once you are here, take every opportunity to talk to other associates in the area(s) in which you are interested. Learn as much as you can about the positions around the one you aspire to have. This will help you have a better understanding of the role, and just might open your eyes to additional career paths you had not considered before.”

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