Feeding America

From our earliest beginnings, all the way back to when Mr. George founded Publix, we have passionately believed two things, we should be intolerant of waste and we must take care of each other. On this World Hunger Day, we think Mr. George would be proud of what we are doing to help alleviate hunger in our communities, where 1 in 8 people aren’t getting the food they need.

Since 2009, in partnership with Feeding America, we have donated 427 million pounds of food. That’s 356 million meals to families in need. And not just pantry items, either. Through our perishable recovery program, associates at each store regularly scan shelves and cases for fresh meats, dairy, veggies and fruits to see what foods are nearing the point where they cannot be sold, but are still wholesome for consumption. These foods are rescued from our stores, so they can be delivered to local food banks that provide food to families in need.

Our perishable recovery program isn’t just about alleviating hunger, it’s about empowering families. We want to take this World Hunger Day to thank our Feeding America member food banks and local food bank partners in the community for their tireless work to help hungry families get the healthy food they need to thrive. Interested in learning how you can donate or volunteer? Let’s do good together.


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