Have you ever tried Rainier cherries? With their uniquely colored red and yellow exteriors and juicy, sweet flavor, these cherries are considered some of the highest quality cherries on the market during our summer season. These took around eight years to perfect before the public was able to try them. They were created by crossing the Bing and Van cherries together at Washington State University in 1952. Since the cherries are so large, they were named after the largest mountain in Washington, Mount Rainier.

Some of the Sweetest Cherries

Rainier cherries are sweet and have a very light skin that is delicate in nature, so there are occasionally brown spots on the skin. Don’t be wary of these, they are actually sugar spots and make the cherries even sweeter. The best quality cherries are large, firm and plump.  These sweet cherries pack a nutritious punch, too. One cup, or about 21 cherries, provides 15 percent of your daily vitamin C needs and 10 percent of your daily potassium needs.

Tips for Storing

Use these tips for storing cherries to keep them fresh longer!

  • Be careful when storing your cherries with sharp smelling foods, like onions or garlic, because they can taint your cherries and change their taste.
  • Leave the stems on to keep the cherries “sealed.”
  • Wash in cold water immediately before consuming; don’t pre-wash.
  • Pit your cherries before freezing; it will make them easier to handle and eat once defrosted.

Are you craving Rainier cherries yet? Well, it’s a good thing they’re currently At Season’s Peak!  We have some amazing cherry Aprons recipes for you to try, like our Savory Cherry Quesadillas. You could also sweeten up a meal with our Cherry Pocket Pies.

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