You asked for it, and we’re excited to deliver! Mobile Pay through our Publix app is here. With this feature, you can leave your cash and credit/debit cards at home and complete your shopping with just your mobile phone. Getting started using Mobile Pay is simple! To begin, you will need to download the Publix app onto your mobile phone. Once downloaded, use your Club Publix membership information to login. If you’re not yet registered for Club Publix, registering takes just a few minutes.

Once registered with Club Publix, use the three bars in the top left-hand corner of the app to select “My Wallet.” There you can add your preferred card to use with Mobile Pay. Do you use coupons? Great news for you! Digital coupons are integrated and connected to our Publix app.

Mobile Pay at Register

Once your card has been added, you can use Mobile Pay! Your address in the Publix app for Mobile Pay needs to match your address on file with your banking institution.

  1. At checkout, click on the Pay tab on the Publix app.
  2. Enter your biometrics or Publix PIN (your Publix PIN is the four-digit PIN you created when you first set up Mobile Pay).
  3. A camera will pop up. Center the QR Code, located in the bottom right hand corner of the computer screen displaying your order, in the square box.
  4. Make sure you let your cashier know you are using Mobile Pay and they will direct you from there!

Please know that at this time, it is not possible to purchase gift cards at our stores with Mobile Pay.

Mobile Pay QR Code

We also accept contactless payments such as Apple Pay®, Android Pay™, Samsung Pay® , Google Pay™ and other NFC payment apps.

Have you used Mobile Pay at Publix yet? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or reach out to us on social media with any questions you may have!



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Matthew started with Publix in 2009. After working his way up to a Publix Manager, Matthew decided to make a change from retail and pursue his passion for writing. Matthew enjoys hearing stories from the people he's writing about and loves the Publix culture. Outside of work, Matthew enjoys spending time with his wife, son and their dog. They love to explore all that Central Florida has to offer.

10 Comments on “Your Guide to Mobile Pay at Publix

    1. Kaitlynn R.Kaitlynn R.

      Hi Li! While we do not currently offer the ability to add a gift card to your digital wallet as a form of payment, I will be sure to share the suggestion with our App Development team for future consideration.

  1. Matthew

    I’ve made a list on the app and every time I try to pay for “in-store pickup” it gives me the QR code reader… why can’t I just order with the card that I have put on file (ON THE APP)? Why can’t I just use the same list that I made ON THE APP? Maybe I would like to make the purchase before work to pick up after work. Maybe I don’t always have a computer (other than my phone) right in front of me. Ridiculous.

  2. Mary

    My pin for mobile pay is now different. It’s like it was changed by someone else.. but there’s no way to reset it. Can you help me reset my pin? I wasn’t able to use it at checkout so I had To run out to my car to get my wallet. I never Carry it inside- o not my phone.
    Please help.

    1. Austin B.Austin B.

      Hi Mary! I’m sorry to hear this. For further assistance, could you reach out to us via private message on Facebook or Twitter? We’ll be happy to have this looked into.

  3. Dave

    I want to know why we have to inform the cashier when paying by Publix app. This is an added step in what should be a seamless process. I do not have to inform anyone when doing contactless Google Pay so why do I have to do this when using the Publix app? I have also found that many of the cashiers are not familiar with the process and have to be stepped through it by another cashier, causing delays and confusion. Please train them if Publix is going to continue this dated process.

    1. Patricia

      I agree, your instructions should place #4 as #1. I use mobile pay with many stores but this is the only one you have to first tell the cashier upfront how you’ll pay. I completed a transaction, received my “done” then the cashier tells me I have to re-do it because I failed to notify her.

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